Commissioning and Pricing

All icons are custom made to order. The iconographer will collaborate with the client to consider the composition of the icon, the architectural setting, size and shape.

Icons can be made to any size and shape to suite the client’s requirement. In most cases its size will be determined by its contents and placement. Small icons are appropriate for home prayer corners, children’s bedrooms, office or study rooms. Medium size icons are suitable for churches, catechetical rooms, chapels, oratories or home feature walls. Large icons are most suitable for churches, schools, community halls and foyers.

Most icons will be square or rectangular in shape unless made to fit a particular space, of a design for a specific purpose, an altarpiece or the Holy Cross (Calvary), etc.

There is no limit to the size and shape of wall icons (murals). These are suitable for churches, chapels, schools, community halls, foyers, and most public places.

Every Icon is for life. It is an enduring treasure for future generations, and therefore, each icon produced by the iconographer is given the same deliberation and care, regardless of its monetary value.

The price of a commissioned icon will depend on its size, subject matter, and complexity. Half-length figures (from head to waist) are most common and fairly straight forward. They grow in complexity when they represent for example, saints holding an open scroll, bishop saints, soldier saints dressed in armour and archangels. Full-length figures (from head to feet) are slightly less common for panel icons and grow in complexity and design when back-ground scenes are included, for example mountains, churches, and castles. Multiple figures, bible scenes and festal icons are the most complex as they are intricate in style and subject matter, and often feature architecture, mountains, trees, rivers, angels, and animals.

Icons of Christ and the Mother of God are almost endless in style and composition. Usually, the main purpose and eventual location of the icon will determine its style, composition and overall desired effect. Icons of Christ vary in complexity. They often depict Him blessing, holding an open or closed gospel, sitting on the judgement throne or in scenes as written in the bible. Icons of the Mother of God often depict her holding the child Jesus, enthroned, in a realm of holy glory and in a prayer of intercession. The icons of Christ and the Mother of God usually involve intricate and detailed work.

Unless the client has a particular requirement regarding style and composition, the iconographer will have an initial discussion with the client to determine the image and appropriate size. Once these are selected the iconographer will, at a later stage, and free of charge, present the client with a finished drawing or prototype image, as well as the price for the finished icon. An indication of the time to complete the icon will also be provided, and this will depend on the iconographer’s work schedule, the size and complexity of the commissioned icon. As a general guide the client should consider that an icon may take months rather than weeks to complete. Hence, if the client has a deadline for an icon (for example a feast day, a special occasion or event), it would be helpful to plan well ahead so that there will be sufficient time to comfortably complete the icon, as the iconographer will not consider compromising on the quality of his work.

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